I've had a love of Hawaii since first visiting there in 1992. I would watch almost anything that was based in Hawaii, just to see the scenery. One of the best such shows was Byrds of Paradise, which was as realistic as a Hawaii-based TV show could be. Airing at the same time, was One West Waikiki, which was quite possibly the worst television show ever. On top of all of its faults (the street, "West Waikiki" doesn't even exist!), it was insulting to Hawaiian culture. Imagine how upset I was when Byrds of Paradise was canceled, and One West Waikiki went into syndication.

I complained bitterly, and for days at a time. My (then) wife told me to stop complaining, and do something. In retrospect, I'm certain she meant to write a letter of complaint to the network. What I did instead, was create my own Hawaii-themed TV show, Postcards from Hawaii.

It took a while, but I managed to complete several episodes. Screenwriting was this new medium for me, so I had to learn all I could. I bought books, read scripts, anything I could to learn as much as I could about my new avocation. When I finished this television show, I turned my attention to movies.